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Thuringer / Smoked Bauernwurst

Product Size: qty 4/1, about 5.5" in length, and in a 5/1 retail pack. This item is also available in our 12oz retail package with the Alpine Brand label.

Product Description: Fully steam cooked, lightly smoked, brownish in color, beef and pork, with a hint of garlic and ginger, in a pork casing, medium coarse texture.

Product History: This type of sausage comes from the German state of Thuringen. It was first mentioned in 1404 in the town of Rudolfstadt, Thuringen and the oldest known recipe dates back to 1613 and is kept in the state archive in Weimar. The name is protected so we have to call it Bauernwurst.

Cooking Suggestions: You can grill or sauté in a little vegetable oil for 5 minutes on each side or until crisp.

Serving suggestion: Enjoy this sausage with German potato salad, spicy German mustard and rye bread.

You can also try it with one of our recipes and enjoy it on a sunny afternoon grilling on your back porch.